After too many years of only minor updates (mostly my CV and a small change in the address) I finally rebuilt the site using Jekyll, which is both easy to use and seems flexible enough to do whatever I want. After two days it is up and running, including tags, less time than what I spent on the unsuccessful attempt in the intervening years.

Thanks to Charlie Park, whose plugin for tags in Jekyll I use. I removed the index.render() and index.write() steps from write_tag_index(), as the corresponding example for a generator in the Jekyll documentation doesn't have them either. In fact, I used the opportunity to simpify it and completely remove write_tag_index().

Thanks also to Michael Lanyon, whose method for sorting tags I use in my sidebar.

A few older posts were carried over to the new site, material that was clearly outdated and would just confuse people was not. Some old material may still be added some day. Some broken links were fixed.

Since the last entry was made in 2007 I have done quite a bit with electronics, so I hope to again show more of my projects here on the site.