Here are some pictures of the hardware of a production NXT.

View of the top side of the NXT mainboard This is a view of the top of the motherboard. According to the schematics released by LEGO the part missing in the upper right was a battery current sensor on AD5. The black smudge at the square speaker connector covered an additional part in the speaker cable, a 10 Ohm resistor which is not in the schematics. I unsoldered it together with the speaker cable to get the LCD daughter board out of the way for photographing the motherboard.

View of the bottom side of the NXT mainboard This is the bottom of the motherboard. Note that RA4 and R90, the pull-up resistors for the JTAG connector J17, are still present (thanks LEGO!), like in the prototype version.

View of the Bluetooth daughterboard This is a sideways view on the Bluetooth daughterboard.