LEGO NXT Programming
Since I don't have much time to do programming myself, I figured the most effective way to get things running is to help other people start. The first entry is a walkthrough how to build a GNU toolchain on Linux. I also moved the NXT hardware info there.
Zambo: Yet Another Zamor Sphere Shooting NXT Robot
[Zambo image]

The most interesting construction is probably the magazine, which is at just the right angle for Zamor spheres, so that they are neither blocked nor can fall out on the sides. (complete view, detail)

A Java-System for the LEGO Mindstorms RCX controller.
GBC (Great Ball Contraption)
GBC1: A GBC module that uses tank treads
[GBC1 image] This module uses two tank treads rotating side by side to move the balls upwards. There is a small liftarm pushing the ball back from the entry point to the treads to remove jams. The module is 24 studs wide and follows the GBC specification w.r.t. the other dimensions. It can take 30 balls at once and move them in less than 30 seconds, also as required by the GBC specification.
Linux kernel driver for the LEGO Mindstorms USB tower. Part of the official Linux kernel since version 2.6, the current version compatible with Lejos 3.0 was integrated in 2.6.7.