J-Link OpenOCD Driver and Picture of Internals (2007-07-29)

The J-Link driver for OpenOCD OpenOCD is finally ready and working with the AT91SAM7S-EK, with the NXT it still needs to be tested. A patch has been submitted to the OpenOCD mailing list.

[jlink_internal_thumb.jpg] For the curious I made a picture of the Segger J-Link internals.

Open On-Chip Debugger (OpenOCD) (2006-08-17)

I added a link to OpenOCD to my links related to NXT programming.

How to play with Bluetooth under Linux (2006-07-30)

A starter for Bluetooth under Linux.

Some Pictures of NXT Production Hardware (2006-07-23)

[nxt-top_thumb.jpg] Here are some pictures of the hardware of a production NXT from the US. The JTAG pull-up resistors are still mounted, like in the prototype version (thanks, LEGO!).

New Pages with Links and Segger SAM-ICE USB Commands (2006-07-09)

I added pages for links related to NXT programming and for describing the protocol of the Segger SAM-ICE to the NXT programming section.

Pictures of My JTAG Setup for LEGO NXT (2006-07-02)

[nxt-jtag-connected_thumb.jpg] I made some pictures of my JTAG setup for LEGO NXT.

New NXT Hacks Site (2006-07-02)

David Anderson has started a site for NXT software projects, At the moment there is David's firmware flashing utility and the very beginning of ElectricStorm, a boot monitor for the NXT brick.

NXT Programming (2006-06-27)

I started to write up some of the info needed for LEGO NXT programming.

Cocoon's XPathDirectory Generator (2006-06-06)

I'm now using Cocoon's XPathDirectory generator to collect news items for the front page. XPathDirectory allows to aggregate the content of several XML-documents in a directory into a single document, which is then processed further. So for a new item I can now just create an XML-file in a special news directory, and the items appear in the right order on the front page.

Welcome to my new web site (2006-05-28)

Two years ago I wanted to build my new website using some tool, as my previous web site had grown so large that doing everything by hand became tedious. But at the time I didn't find a suitable tool, so I only had a rudimentary site for the last two years.

Motivated by LEGO NXT I had a fresh look and decided to use "naked" Apache Cocoon. I also had a look at Apache Lenya and Apache Forrest, which are built on top of Cocoon, but they didn't fit my needs well, mostly they were too big.

There still is a lot of work to do, integrating all the old stuff from my research and teaching career at Saarbrücken and Nancy, creating better menus, if possible automatically, more semantic markup e.g. for news items like this, better modularity, support for multiple languages, ... let's see how it goes and how long it takes.